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A Short Film by The Adventure Portal - Promo Reel

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The Adventure Portal (TAP) is a digital magazine that is the authentic bridge between traditional outdoor pursuits and core overlanding adventure. Our Mission: “Inspire and Educate Responsible Vehicle Supported Adventure”

Traditional Outdoors, focuses on the adventure beginning at the trailhead. Vehicle Supported Adventure is defined as when a 4×4 vehicle is the platform to explore and camp in predominantly backcountry settings, all while pursuing a chosen outdoor passion such as surfing down in Baja, fly fishing in a remote mountain lake or perhaps capturing adventure photography in the desert.

The changing outdoor landscape:

Millennials are looking for that opportunity to rough it and get off the grid as much as they can, but not in the traditional backpacking way. They are looking for an experience surrounded by their modern accessories. Baby Boomers aged 54 to 72 are becoming empty nesters and or are beginning to retire. Many aren’t fond of the motorhomes their parents may have used for family vacations when they were young. Modern Adventure vans offer them comfort combined with outdoor accessibility and a touch of “cool”.

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